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The term ‘portal’ meaning all the pages in this website www.entrancebook.com an SBU taking care of online self-study under the company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd, registered under the Companies Act 1956. The contents in the portal are owned by Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd and certain contents will be the property of third party with whom we have an association.

We recommend users to read through the Terms & Conditions, mentioned below on the general use of the contents in the portal and related to subscriptions. If you are using the portal, means you are agreeing & accepting our Terms & Conditions. We in the interest of providing quality of services, from time to time we may change these Terms & Conditions and simultaneously we update the same on our portal. In case if you are not agreeing upon our Terms & Conditions, you should not be using the website www.entrancebook.com We request you to please review this document often to keep updated on the amended or changed Terms & Conditions.


Students studying MBBS or doing Internship or graduates or Post graduate student preparing for competitive PG entrance exam & Super-specialty exams in India are allowed to use this website. Medical students who are studying outside India, but wish to register in MCI can also use this website. Medical students from any part of the world can use this website to enhance their theoretical knowledge. If we find that you do not hold these criteria, we can temporarily or permanently suspend the access of our website for violating the terms of use.

Right to use

As a user, you are allowed to access through any form of electronic media. The technology allows you to read the contents and the features of copying, printing are disabled purposefully to avoid misuse of the contents. The technology is capable of tracking the behavior of the user and notifies the system admin about the same. The company can temporarily suspend your access to get clarity on the usage behavior. The company will not encourage print screen, republication, re-distribution, licensing, and sale are totally prohibited. The ownership of the contents lies with the company but can be purchased at a premium price for your personal use only and not for resale or redistribution. The contents should not be stored in any form of media other than books which will be sold at the later stages.


We try to offer the services without interruption and error free uptime performance. However, we cannot guarantee the services 100% as the performance depends on many factors and hence request you to bear such unintentional & accidental failure in the system. There may be informed downtime for maintenance or during version enhancements or while adding other features to the website. Our effort will always be there towards offering continued and uninterrupted services to our esteemed users. Our sincere apologize if such unexpected failure from our side.

Personal Identification

The system uses your registered email ID and password as your key to use the portal. These are personal to the user and are non-transferable, non-sharable and to be used exclusively by you. If two systems were logged in at the same time, one will be turned off and the same will be recorded at our server. If this is repeated, then the account will be temporarily suspended till further action. If found violating the terms of use, the company can permanently suspend the account till further action.

Our products & services

The portal ‘entrancebook’ is an online self-study portal for Undergraduate, Graduate & Post graduate students. The portal has many packages and the details of each package with respect to duration of access will be mentioned against each package.

Type of Services
The main services at this point are:

  • Preparatory test: These are questions compiled from previous year papers and are mainly classified into mock tests and past test papers.
  • The past test papers are as against the exam and year so motto used to expose the students on previous papers.
  • The mock tests are also questions from previous 5 years papers and are randomly selected, will run against the time.
  • Real-time test: This is similar to mock test, but is controlled by the admin and scheduled at a pre-defined time and date.
  • Self-study section: Is the descriptive explanation on any given questions.

Subscription period
The packages are designed in such a way keeping in mind the duration of each phase of study. The duration of basic package will be equivalent to the duration of that particular phase and the duration of advanced package is equivalent to the duration needed to complete the course from the subscription date.

Sr No. Basic Package Sr No. Advanced Package
1 Phase I – 12 Months 1 Phase I – 54 Months
2 Phase II – 18 Months 2 Phase II – 42 Months
3 Phase III – 12 Months 3 Phase III – 24 Months
4 Phase IV – 12 Months 4 Phase IV – NA
5 Internship – 12 Months 5 Internship – NA
6 Graduate – 12 Months 6 Graduate - NA

Per day usage

  • Preparatory tests: The access is not limited with time and a candidate can access this any number of time.
  • Real-time tests: These are notified to the candidate and will be able to use this services if the user has license to use.
  • Self study contents
  • The basic package is accessible for ……. hrs in a day. The duration will be decided by the mean time spent per student on this section.
  • The advanced package is accessible for……. Hrs for the contents of the phase student has selected. Once that duration is over, that phase content will be able to access for …… Hrs per day.
  • If the student subscribes advanced package for both Phase I and Phase II contents in series, then in phase II, he will be allowed the total …… hrs to access both phase contents.

Advanced Package

Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Access to subscribed contents per day
Yes No No No 5 Hrs
Yes Yes No No 5 Hrs + 30 Mins
Yes Yes Yes No 5.5 Hrs + 30 Mins
Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 Hrs + 30 Mins

Special packages: 3 month & 6 month will have …….hrs per day access.

Cost of the package

The cost of the package depends on the number of questions in the self-study section. It again depends on the complexity of the question and opinion shared by senior experts. It also depends on the total duration allowed to access per day, which will be fixed based on the normal usage patterns considering the time spent by a student in 24 hr day.

The questions of preparatory tests and real-time tests are not considered for pricing the package and hence we do not limit the access of these contents.

At any given point of time no candidate will be charged twice for the same question, but can charge to extent the validity of the access period.

System Requirement

  • Laptop
  • Internet Services

Placing an order

All the package details will be displayed to any phase candidate. Once the candidate selects the package, the system will consider him to be that phase candidate. If a student has a voucher, one can enter the details and claim the discount. By clicking the ‘proceed to payment’ button, the page will take you to payment gateway. Before placing an order, we recommend you to read through the ‘terms & condition’ at the time of making the payment.

The payment gateway is offered by CCAvenue, India’s trusted payment gateway. For security reasons, CCAvenue will ask for full name, contact number & complete address which will be stored at CCAvenue servers. Once the payment is made, you will get an email confirmation along with onscreen notification on successful or failed payment.

The account activation is instantaneous and may expect delay in activation to a maximum of 48 hrs in worst case due to delayed receipt of payment, software or server issues. In case of fraud checks, the process may still prolong.

All the process of transaction will be in English only. It is obvious that if one subscribes the package, he is capable of understanding higher level English. During the course of payment through online, we do not intend to store your credit / debit / bank details. Hence we are not liable for any losses caused as a result of misuse of the information provided by you.

We also encourage making payment offline wherein you select to pay us through cheque / DD. They can be either be couriered or deposited at our bank across the country. We do not encourage cash deposit. The company activates the account upon realization of the payment. Please see the ‘guide to pay through cheque/DD’ for detailed understanding.

Error in pricing

We take highest precaution to not to have any errors while displaying the package details. If in case there is an error, we will try to communicate to you. If a candidate has initiated the process of payment, we will refund the balance and also communicate to you to explain.

Cancellation & Refund

We recommend our subscribers to register and try out our limited access for one month. Once you are satisfied we advise you to place an order. During the free trial period, the user will feel the portal and get an exposure to use the portal systematically. Accepting all these features, the user will have to decide to make the payment. Once made, we do not allow the candidate to either cancel or transfer the access to other user. If cancellation has to be made then it should be within 24 hrs and no single question to be attempted. The cancellation process is lengthy and the company will deduct the service fee which has to be paid to the third party and then refunds the remaining. The details will be found in the terms & conditions defined by CCAvenue.

Intellectual Property Rights

The portal is protected by the Indian & International Intellectual property laws and is owned by Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd. The IP covers all the contents, layout, architecture, database structures and all the design works considered in the portal. By subscribing to the portal, you will be allowed to access the contents and you will not own the contents. The contents of the portal have to be used to enhance the knowledge, and hence career growth. No contents of the portal to be reproduced, stored in any kind of medium, or transmitted through any form like electronic, digital, mechanical, hard copy paper, screen print, pictures, recording, broadcasting for non-commercial or commercial purpose. No contents to be used to derive any work or use for any other purpose other than academics. The permission lies with the company to allow the user to derive any kind of work using our contents.

You should not create any document using the contents of the portal, or make any other adaptation without our prior written consent. You must not copy and modify any of the contents that are displayed on the portal. Similarly, you must not use any illustrations, art work, images or any graphics and the associated matter. Any usage of the contents as mentioned above is subjected to ensuring that our copyright and trademarks to be distinctively seen as they appear on our portal. You are not allowed to breach any of these terms of use, your right to use our site will cease immediately if you breach the terms of use and you need to return or destroy the derivative contents.

Permission to use our IP

You need to request for permission to use our contents, images for use other than personal academic purpose, by mail us to contactus@maculahealthcare.com

External Links

Our website has many links and hyperlinks attached to our contents, keywords, reference etc which may take you away from our portal. We provide these links to ease the process of reference while reading. Such contents will be displayed in accordance with the third party usage terms and the authenticity of the contents will remain with the content provider and not our portal entrancebook or our company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd. As we do not hold any control over the contents, hence accept no responsibility on the reliability of the contents and hence any loss or damage that may arise from your use of those contents. While referring to the external links, the user has to read through their terms & conditions including privacy policies.

Your conduct

You are not supposed to use the portal in the intention to cause any interruption, damage or impaired in any way. As per our terms of use, you are solely responsible for all electronic communications and contents sent from your computer to us. You have to use our portal only lawful purpose and you are not supposed to misuse our portal or post any offensive comments on the portal.

We do not encourage the user to be doing the following activities

  • Fraudulent initiatives in connection with crime or other unlawful practices
  • To post illegal & offensive language in the comment section. The comments should not be abusive, indecent, harmful, defamatory, obscene or menacing.

Governing law

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be governed and construed under the accordance with the laws of India.

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