Privacy Policy

You can use our services to gain knowledge, share knowledge and to communicate with experts and in the discussion section. When you share information, like registering your account with us we try to offer better services so that our system recognizes and identifies your behavior in the process of learning. The system will constantly work to improve your performance and achieve high standard of academic contents. Since you will be using our services, we want things to be clear on how we will be using your information so that you could also protect your privacy.

Information – what & why we collect

We collect the details of the user to provide better services which improves the learning curve. The system will also capture your online behavior in terms of reading pattern and assist you in the future.

The kind of information which we collect includes

  • Personal details – at the time of registration
  • Your comments and links, reference contents
  • Your system information
  • Your location
  • Log details – location, time, device
  • Unique Application Details
  • Your communication details
  • Local storage
  • Cookies & Anonymous users

How we use

We use the information only to increase the user experience and also identify people who are contributing to improvise the services.

The activities pertaining to academics are captured so as to derive the statistics and then assist you in simplifying the process of learning. Eg Even some questions may be so difficult that only 2-3% of the users have answered. Again that may be by mere luck. Such information will be captured and then studied to understand why it is so and then take appropriate action

Your performance on the services will be captured so that once you complete the task, the system will pin points the users short comings and strengths. Such information will be helpful for users to know how they are progressing by using our services.

We will use your comments and if found relevant, we may validate and then make it available to other users. By doing this your knowledge will be shared with others and experts can still comment on you if your comments has some major observations. In this case we will ask for your consent again before even validating the contents.

We intend to contact you if we feel any of our other services will be helpful for your career growth and also towards any opportunities which you may find interesting. Based on your interest areas, we would try to communicate as per your requirements.

Your comments

Comments that are shared by you in academic section can be open to public but limited by number of characters. Such comments will be indexed and then may be pushed to the social media portals. These services are totally transparent and hence recommend reviewing before pushing into social portals.

Updating your personal information

It is advised to update your personal information whenever there is change in the information. This is because, we want to constantly update on the portal’s activity in terms of offers, quiz, any opportunity.

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