The company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd is lattempting to provide integrated tool to assist candidates to prepare for competitive exams or term exams. The team tries to bring out the best practices in the process of learning and to give first-hand experience to simulate respective test patterns.

The material & information displayed on the portal including the products & services is provided without guarantees, conditions or warranties. You may notice occasional grammatical mistakes or typo mistakes, but we would do our best to minimize such errors. We empower users to give us feedback which will help us in improving our services.

No warranties are given on the accuracy, correctness, reliability, comprehensiveness of any content contained on any material, products or services on our.

Entrancebook, makes an attempt to create an environment that simulates many exam patterns but the pattern may change from time to time and we may not updated 100% on real-time basis. The patterns designed in the portal should not be considered as the patterns practiced in the future real exams as the exam conducting body may change the pattern without prior notice

The contents on the portal are all oriented to competitive exams only, and the contents are not the substitute for textbooks, journals or even to attain clinical skills. This tool is a supplement to other ways to prepare for entrance exam and also term exams.

The infomercials in the portal are the artwork or contents of the sponsoring company and they take up fullest responsibility to create authentic contents. The contents may help students to understand the pharmaco-kinetics of the drug which are based on the research findings. We only offer our platform to reach users to see the banners. Macula Healthcare do not take any responsibility on the contents and recommends the user to look into the terms & conditions before considering the contents to enhance their knowledge.

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